The New Frontier in Cinema: An Immersive Home Theater: 4k, home theater, man cave, media distribution,

The New Frontier in Cinema: An Immersive Home Theater

Posted July 5, 2016

A dark space, high definition crystal clear clarity, ear popping surround sound, and the smell of buttery popcorn. Going to the cinema holds a great appeal for many, but what with long lines, crowded malls, and exorbitant prices for tickets and concessions, that appeal can quickly wane. Luckily there’s a new frontier in cinema currently taking place which eradicates these issues. The home theater includes all of the immersive advantages of a traditional cinema but at your own convenience, control, and customization.

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4K vs. Faux-K: Get What You Paid For: 4k, media distribution, uhdtv,

4K vs. Faux-K: Get What You Paid For

Posted May 26, 2015

If you are buying a new 4K TV, you probably want to make sure that you are capable of viewing true 4K images and not find yourself stuck living in last year’s 1080p world. That’s why we’re discussing true, native 4K versus Faux-K to make sure your new TV delivers everything you paid for.

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Ready, Check, Go! What you need to enjoy 4K UHDTV!: 4k, media distribution, uhdtv,

Ready, Check, Go! What you need to enjoy 4K UHDTV!

Posted May 26, 2015

Do you live on the cutting edge and you want to experience the most and the absolute best that technology has to offer? Do you want to be able to count every dimple on Jordan Spieth’s Titleist, see every wool fiber in James Bond’s Saville Row tailored suit, and revel in every, um, detail of Christian Grey’s red room? Then what you want is 4K!...

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Announcing New 4K Multi-Room Video Solution: 4k, audio matrix, audio/video, media distribution,

Announcing New 4K Multi-Room Video Solution

Posted April 27, 2015

We are excited to announce all-new 4K Ultra HD multi-room video solutions with new audio and video matrix switches. With the recent acquisition of Leaf, a leader in video and audio distribution, we built these switches to make it possible for you to distribute copy-protected 4K Ultra HD, and all of your favorite video content, to every room in your home with a clean and simple install.

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Control4 Audio/Video Solutions Just Got a Whole Lot Better.: audio/video, control4 partners, media distribution,

Control4 Audio/Video Solutions Just Got a Whole Lot Better.

Posted February 6, 2015

This week Control4 announced the acquisition of Leaf, a distributed audio/video product developer. Leaf has been at the forefront of audio/video distribution technology and with this acquisition Control4 will continue to lead the home automation category in media distribution. This influx of talent into Control4’s engineering team will provide speed and precision towards delivering scalable, high-fidelity media distribution products.

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A Guide to Media Distribution: audio/video, media distribution, whole home audio,

A Guide to Media Distribution

Posted September 3, 2014

Control4 media distribution solutions make it easy for everyone in the family to enjoy their favorite music and video anywhere in the house, instantaneously...

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Winter Olympics—Facts & Video Wall [INFOGRAPHIC]: for fun, media distribution, olympics,

Winter Olympics—Facts & Video Wall [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted February 12, 2014

The Winter Olympics are upon us. I love the Olympics and I’ve discovered there is just no point in watching the Olympics casually. Sure I could watch NBC’s nightly recaps, even though Twitter has already announced all the winners and there seems to be more commercials than actual competition. But there are only a few sporting events per year that give us the chance to truly take advantage of a full video wall, allowing you to watch every event as they happen...

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Once You Go Rack, You Never Go Back: audio/video, media distribution,

Once You Go Rack, You Never Go Back

Posted September 12, 2013

Prior to working at Control4, I designed and installed Control4 systems. A question that clients often asked was whether they should have their A/V equipment scattered in respective areas around the home or is there a better solution?

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