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A Show-Stopping Showroom: Georgia Home Theater

By Joni Wittenbach

New homeowners want to establish their own style in a new space, and long-standing residents want to inject some fun with a home renovation.


By Crystal Watts

Intelligent devices are more than fancy gadgets; for the elderly, they also offer the promise of freedom. Advances in home automation products are making it easier to feel safer in our homes, automate routine tasks, and help us gain insight into our behavior. Security devices—like sensored door locks and streaming cameras—mean that the young at heart can stay in their own homes longer. Meanwhile, environmental sensors, like carbon monoxide detectors and automated stoves, can alert caretakers to potential hazards—even from afar.


Be an Expert Clients Trust: What Makes Designer Yvette Chaix Stand Out

By Danielle Karr

When you look at any space Yvette Chaix creates, you can easily see that she has a passion and talent for home design. We were able to catch a few minutes with this on-the-go professional to find out how she creates such thoughtful, livable spaces as well as how she keeps her edge in a highly competitive industry.


Home Theater. Simplified.

By Tyler Reed

Many homeowners desire the simplification that home automation can bring to their lives but either worry about the potential cost associated with it or they simply just don’t know where to begin. A common starting point for home automation revolves around A/V entertainment...


Seeing The Light

By Shanan Carney

If I believed everything I'm told, I would have thought that most interior designers had an aversion to all things home automation... especially when it came to lighting control. Ever heard the expression "wall acne"? Luckily...


Taking My Smarthome for Granted


We had houseguests this week, and watching their reaction to my smarthome was really a fun experience. It served to remind me how much home automation has already changed my life, and how much it could change the lives of others.


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