An Accessible Home: Joe Ribera on Automation and Accessible Design: accessible design, aging in place, home automation, interior design, living in place, smart home expert, smart home professional, smart home stories, smart home technology,

An Accessible Home: Joe Ribera on Automation and Accessible Design

By Danielle Karr

Whether due to injury, disability, or age, more and more homeowners today in need of assisted living are reaching out to home professionals for accessible home solutions that enable them to stay independent and in their home. We interviewed Control4 Instructional Designer and Technical Trainer Joe Ribera to ask him about how smart home technology has helped his aunt, who has been living with a muscular degenerative disease for almost three decades.

How Louie Delaware and the Living In Place Institute is Bettering the Home

By Danielle Karr

If you’re an interior designer, builder, or architect wondering how you can elevate your design strategy process, look no further than Louie Delaware and the Living In Place Institute. We asked him about his background and career switch, why Living In Place designs should be the new standard for any build or remodel project, and how smart technology can help empower people with injuries or disabilities to better live in their homes.


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