An Emphasis on ‘Trusted’: How network certification raises the bar for smart home services: networking,

An Emphasis on ‘Trusted’: How network certification raises the bar for smart home services

Posted March 8, 2018

Finding a dealer with skills you can trust is key to enjoying a superior smart home experience. Smart home or not, any homeowner who experiences an internet outage knows what an irritating inconvenience it can be to be abruptly jolted back into the dark ages. Just about all of our modern luxuries, and even our home security systems, are now dependent on connectivity. This means that the more technology your home has, the more important it is that your network performs at its peak. But not all networks are built the same, because not all technology integrators are the same.

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Three Must-Haves for an Ultimate Super Bowl Party: for fun, super bowl,

Three Must-Haves for an Ultimate Super Bowl Party

Posted January 31, 2018

Last year, Super Bowl L1 pulled in 111.9 million viewers. When the New England Patriots made their Super Bowl appearance in 2015, the record for the largest audience in TV history was set with 114.4 million viewers. Whether you're a life-long gridiron fan, you're just watching to see the latest Doritos commercial, or you’re in it to see Justin Timberlake's halftime performance, it's safe to say the odds are high that you'll be watching the big game on Sunday.

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TOP SMART HOME TRENDS OF 2017 & “TECHSPECTATIONS” FOR 2018: mesh networking, smart home,


Posted January 24, 2018

Like any technology, smart devices designed for use in the home exist in a constant state of evolution. New developments in electronics, circuitry, and software have enabled devices to become increasingly intelligent, fast, and affordable, and to perform tasks that were once unimaginable.

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iOS 11 Updates Affecting Legacy MyHome App for Control4 Homes:

iOS 11 Updates Affecting Legacy MyHome App for Control4 Homes

Posted September 20, 2017

Today, Apple released the latest version of Apple® iOS for iPhone and iPad. With iOS 11, Apple is ending support for 32-bit iPhone and iPad apps. For homes running Control4 OS 2.5.3 and earlier, the legacy Control4 MyHome apps (with the grey app icon) will not be able to be installed on iPhones and iPads running iOS 11.

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Posted August 15, 2017

Recently, our very own Salt Lake City-based Control4 Technical Trainer, Jake Erickson, had the opportunity to visit a local Elementary, Falcon Ridge, to teach kids in the STEM program about smart technology. He gave them a virtual “tour” of his own smart home from his phone, demonstrating how to remotely turn on/off televisions and lights, check in on cameras, and start the music throughout the house. He also talked about the addition of voice control and the many ways you can use verbal commands to interact with your house.

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WE KINDIG-IT! KIN YOU?: anywhere access, automated business, lighting control, security, technology,


Posted July 31, 2017

Welcome to Kindig-It Design, not only the hottest custom car design shop in Salt Lake City, but also the star of Velocity’s reality series “Bitchin’ Rides,” which follows the creativity and craft that goes into their most jaw-dropping accomplishments. Now in its third season, “Bitchin’ Rides” follows Dave Kindig—president, designer, and owner of Kindig-It Design—and his staff of mechanics and fabricators as they make dreams come true for car owners all over the country.

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Wi-Fi: What it is, Why You Need it, and How to Make It Work Better.: networking, pakedge,

Wi-Fi: What it is, Why You Need it, and How to Make It Work Better.

Posted March 1, 2017

Wi-Fi used to be considered a nice convenience in the home — now it’s an absolute necessity. The number of connected devices will reach about 50 billion in the next five years, according to Dave Evans, former chief futurist at Cisco.

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7 reasons to put Alexa in your conference room: amazon alexa, conference room, voice control,

7 reasons to put Alexa in your conference room

Posted November 7, 2016

Now that the smaller and outrageously low-priced Echo Dot is hitting the market it’s becoming harder to resist trying what many consider to be the most convenient piece of tech they’ve bought in years. Most Echos end up in the kitchen (where hands-free timer setting and DJing tend to be the most helpful), but we’ve been wondering about its potential in the conference room. We put one in ours and here is where it shined.

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HOW'S YOUR HOME NETWORK?: cedia 2016, network, pakedge,


Posted September 14, 2016

Stop for a moment and think about the number of devices in and around your house that rely on your home network. Ten years ago, this might have amounted to no more than a laptop, a desktop or two, and maybe a DVR. Today, your network is likely congested with tablets, TVs, media streamers, music systems, multiple smartphones—including those of your frequent guests—and maybe even a few appliances. And that’s not even considering the fact that the home network forms the foundation for any home automation system.

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Smart Appliances & the Kitchen of Tomorrow: smart kitchen,

Smart Appliances & the Kitchen of Tomorrow

Posted April 5, 2016

Would you like to make your kitchen futuristic without having to break the bank or spend months waiting for your home to be renovated? That’s now very easy to achieve in the modern era of smart kitchen technology, where fridges can tell you what’s inside and for how long each item has been there, or cookers that can interact with your smartphone to tell you when your meal is ready to be served. This infographic by Pennywell ( takes a look at the impact of smart kitchen appliances, giving you a peek into an exciting future.

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The Backbone of the Connected Home: network, pakedge, smart home,

The Backbone of the Connected Home

Posted March 22, 2016

Network stability is the foundation for every smart home. It’s not just a “nice to have,” it’s a requirement. Whether you spend $2000, $10,000 or $100,000 on an AV system or a smart home system, its performance is only as good as the network it runs on. Would you buy a high performance Lamborghini sports car and fill it with unleaded regular gasoline? Of course not, but that is exactly...

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Control4 Featured on Houzz: for fun, smart home,

Control4 Featured on Houzz

Posted January 20, 2016

We are pretty excited to have been hand-picked by Houzz for an editorial ideabook feature titled, "Designing With the Stars: Aquarius." In the article, the author, Kate Macdessi, notes that people with the Aquarius sign are drawn to technology. In fact, they tend to be the most tech-savvy of the zodiac bunch. Are you an Aquarius sign? If so, do you agree that your sign is the tech-savviest of them all? We'd love to hear from you.

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Tech Bits & "Little-Did-You-Knows": for fun, home smart home, technology,

Tech Bits & "Little-Did-You-Knows"

Posted September 15, 2015

A "Shoulder Phone" from Japan, a computer for the Amish, and a rechargeable highway...those are just a few of the fun facts you'll discover here!

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The Internet of Things: Great Reads from MediaPlanetUSA: internet of things, smart home, technology,

The Internet of Things: Great Reads from MediaPlanetUSA

Posted May 9, 2015

Control4 recently participated in the MediaplanetUSA Internet of Things campaign, a wonderful resource that highlights the importance of current and new technologies and the impact they have on our everyday lives. We thought we'd share with you some great reads focused on the IoT and the Smart Home.

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Smart Home Technology: What You’re Missing. [INFOGRAPHIC]: home automation, real estate, smart home,

Smart Home Technology: What You’re Missing. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted March 3, 2015

A recent survey from ERA Real Estate and HGTV shows that consumers of all generations value smart technology features in both current and future homes. That’s because a smart home is one that is well-positioned for the future and aligns with a growing reliance on mobile technology...

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Time to Ditch the Memory Sticks for a Network Attached Storage Device?: control4 partners, home technology,

Time to Ditch the Memory Sticks for a Network Attached Storage Device?

Posted January 22, 2015

If your household is like mine, you probably have a collection of memory sticks floating around inside drawers, coat pockets, backpacks and car glove compartments. For years, these little sticks have been our go-to devices to store our multimedia collection—music, videos, photos and other forms of entertainment—as well as important documents.

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CES: My Favorite High Tech Products: ces 2015, events, home technology,

CES: My Favorite High Tech Products

Posted January 15, 2015

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas seemed all about the Internet of Things, or IoT, for short. There were washing machines and dryers that connect to the Internet, surveillance cameras that zip real-time images to smartphones and scads of devices that can be monitored quickly and conveniently from an app on a phone or table. I saw connected versions of thermostats, garage doors, security systems, and more...

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Cloudy with a Chance of Frustration: Reliable Home Automation Is Key: cloud, connected devices, home automation, local,

Cloudy with a Chance of Frustration: Reliable Home Automation Is Key

Posted December 10, 2014

The cloud: it’s just such a fun term to use, isn’t it? I can’t think of a more overused tech “buzzword” right now and the meaning seems to have become incredibly vague. Oftentimes, when someone doesn’t understand exactly how something in technology works they’ll tell you it’s done in the cloud.

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Unexpected Automation: 5 Interesting IoT Products: internet of things, products,

Unexpected Automation: 5 Interesting IoT Products

Posted November 12, 2014

Remember when the internet was only confined to our computer screens? Back when you had to pay for AOL, and Google was still a word only mathematicians used? Times have changed and our phones, tablets, and computers aren’t the only things that are connected to the net anymore. Designers are breathing new life into everyday products by redesigning them to intelligently interact with their users and other devices around them. Here are some interesting and unexpected products the Internet of Things has given birth to.

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Finding the Troublemaker: customers, home automation, troubleshooting,

Finding the Troublemaker

Posted October 23, 2014

Your Control4 system was built from the ground up with a wall-to-wall, curb-to-hall, complex system in mind. Complexity is what Control4 is for—it manages the increasing number, variety, and communication “languages” of your home’s devices, helping all work as a single, integrated system. And every Control4 product has been designed for versatility, reliability, and durability...

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Double Double “Tech” and Trouble: Top Halloween Apps: for fun, holiday, mobile tech,

Double Double “Tech” and Trouble: Top Halloween Apps

Posted October 17, 2014

Halloween is fast approaching and it is my favorite time of year! The spookiness of October always excites me. I can’t get enough witches, ghosts and zombies on TV so I decided to look and see what fun I could cook up on my phone. Here are some of the best (and free) apps I found...

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The Coolest Things I Saw at CEDIA: cedia 2014, home technology, home theater,

The Coolest Things I Saw at CEDIA

Posted September 19, 2014

Have you ever obsessed about that piece of tech that you just “need” to have, but you know that it’s not quite in the budget? Or that your wife (or significant other) would never approve the purchase? Well, welcome to my world. Even though I fascinate about a state-of-the-art home theater room in my basement, it’s just not quite in the cards...yet. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t window shop!

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Smart Golf Projects: Getting Geared Up for the PGA Championship: for fun, man cave, smart business, smart home, sports bar,

Smart Golf Projects: Getting Geared Up for the PGA Championship

Posted August 6, 2014

If you are an avid golfer, chances are you’re also an avid golf watcher as well. So if that’s the case, you are probably pretty excited for the PGA Championship that begins tomorrow. Well, we certainly can’t curb your anticipation, but we can share a few pretty sweet golf installations to help get you geared up.

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The Control4 App is on FIRE!:

The Control4 App is on FIRE!

Posted July 25, 2014

Amazon Fire, that is. Today, Amazon started shipping their new Fire smartphone and the Control4 app will be one of the first apps available for customers. The Amazon Fire phone comes with a year membership of free Amazon Prime shipping, along with an entirely new sensor system called Dynamic Perspective which responds to the way you hold, view and move the phone, 3D and face-recognition technology (the screen actually moves with your eyes!) and Firefly, which lets you point the phone at items and click to identify them.

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Home Automation Terms Defined:

Home Automation Terms Defined

Posted July 16, 2014

In the world of Control4 and home automation, some terms may not be entirely clear to those who are just being introduced to the smart life. For example, we talk a lot about creating “scenes” to fit your lifestyle and “zones” in which you can listen to music. But what do those words actually mean?

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