By Jamie Corpuz | Posted July 30, 2020

4Sight gives you remote access to your Control4 system from anywhere at any time, with just an internet connection. While away from your home or business, the Control4 app on your phone or tablet will make a secure connection to our servers so you can get real-time notifications, respond to alerts, and control your system from afar. 


It gets better, a 4Sight subscription also enables additional features depending on your system design. Features like: Intercom Anywhere, voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice, and When>>Then Scene Personalization. 


Let’s dive in and help you understand those features and explain how a 4Sight Subscription works, but first, in case you’re new here... 



What is Control4 


Control4 (a Snap One, LLC subsidiary) is a leading provider of smart living solutions for homes and businesses. We produce powerful and reliable solutions that are customized, installed, and supported by expert professionals. 

Control4 orchestrates smart devices, surveillance systems, A/V and media, lighting, and more so they work together in harmony and can be controlled by a unified platform 


Popular Solutions and Integrations: 

Control4 orchestrates and connects with over 20,000 third-party and proprietary devices. 

  • - Lighting and Lighting Control  

  • - Multi-Room Audio and Entertainment 

  • - Home Cinemas 

  • - Surveillance and Security 

  • - Intercom Anywhere 

  • - Environmental Control 

  • - Window Shades 

  • - And more


The Control4 experience is completely customizable and offers you a variety of ways to interact with and control the devices across your whole home or business. Our interfaces are designed to give users convenient ways to control automations and manage media across their whole home or business—no matter the size.

5 Ways to Interact with Your Control4 Home or Business: 

  • - Control4 App for your mobile devices (Android, iOS) 

  • - Touchscreens (in-wall or tabletop) 

  • - In-wall keypads and Switches 
    Voice control (Google, Alexa, Josh)
    - Smart universal remote control (Halo, Halo Touch, SR-260) 

Now, back to 4Sight... 

How Does 4Sight Work? 


The 4Sight service is an integral part of the Control4 experience. Control4 customers subscribe to 4Sight in order to enhance their experience. Depending on your system design, 4Sight enables: