Control4 Sony® STR-DA2800ES with Full Control4® Automation

Sony® STR-DA2800ES with Full Control4® Automation

The Sony STR-DA2800ES receiver can be fully enabled with Control4 home automation to deliver an unmatched home entertainment experience, for both basic, universal remote and high-end installations. To unlock the full automation capability of the receivers and connect to other gear, we highly recommend that you order the Sony STR-DA2800ES-C4 SKU, which is bundled with a Control4 Activation License (C4-SO-STR-Activation). When combined with the Control4 Activation License, the receiver can be used as a Primary Controller running Director in a one- or two-room home automation project, or as a Secondary Controller not running Director in a multi-controller Control4 system.

PLEASE NOTE: Control4 remote not included.