control4 and sony partnership

Something Special from Sony

Control4 and Sony introduce the first AV receivers with built-in home automation

The new Sony ES receivers feature stunning 4K audio video quality, a rich selection of more than 30 streaming music and video services, and basic Control4 automation technology that easily adds lighting control to enhance the entertainment experience. Both receivers allow you to easily unleash the power of full Control4 automation and home control capability. Contact a Control4 Dealer in your area to find out more.

sony str-da5800es

Designed for the high-end home theater, the STR-DA5800ES is the Sony flagship 9.2-channel receiver with 130 watts per channel and 9/3 HDMI ports.

sony str-da2800es

The STR-DA2800ES is a 7.2-channel receiver with 100 watts per channel and 8/3 HDMI ports that gives consumers a universal remote alternative that provides an amazing AV experience.

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Unlock the Power of Control4 Home Automation

Enjoy complete control in your home theater, or your whole house by activating your full Control4 system.

  1. Contact a Control4 Dealer to find out how you can enjoy complete, personalized control over your lights, A/C and heating, security and door locks, and more starting with the receiver you already have.
  2. To get a taste of the kinds of things you can control with Control4, check out our Home Smart Home magazine.