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Use the Control4® system Watch > Channels icons on your Navigators to watch your television's local, cable or satellite channels or any channels you or your dealer add to your project (using Composer ME or Composer HE). You can watch all TV stations from one view regardless of the source (satellite, cable TV, plasma television, and so on). Or you can choose from the Channels, Genres, and Guides on your remote, or Favorites (not supported on MyHome apps except for MyHomePC).


Control4 recommends that you use this icon to get to your favorite channels quickly (rather than using the Television or other Watch-related icons).


Check with your Control4 installer to ensure that the correct devices are attached to your Control4 system to watch movies or TV from satellite or cable. You can set up the stations that you'll see in the Navigators using the Composer Pro or Composer ME Media view.


To watch TV stations:

Tip: Select the AZ (channel name) or 09 (channel list) buttons to display the list in a particular sort order.


  1. On the Navigator's Home Page, select Watch > Channels. Note: The following screen may vary on a touch screen, MyHome app, and on-screen Navigator. The following figure shows the display on a touch screen.



  1. Select the channel to watch:


Tip: Select the a, b, c (channel name) or 1, 2, 3 (channel list) buttons to display the list in a particular sort order.



  1. Use the Media Dashboard controls to change the channels, pause, stop, play, volume, and so on.


To add or remove channels:

Ask your installer to help you add or remove channels that you want to show in the Navigator, or remove the channels in Composer HE or Composer ME.


To stop watching a station, use any of these options:

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