Composer HE User Guide

Programming with the Scheduler agent

Use the Control4® Composer HE Agents and Programming views to create a schedule. This agent lets you schedule time on the system to trigger events. You have the flexibility to program a specific one-time event, multiple events to re-occur daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.


Example: Schedule a fun event to wake up dad by playing his favorite song at 7:30 AM on his birthday.


Ensure that the devices to which you want to apply the agents are added and identified in the system. Your dealer or installer can help you do this.


To create a schedule:

  1. Start Composer HE and connect to a Director.
  2. Click the Agents view.



  1. In the Agents pane, select Scheduler. The Scheduler interface panes appear.



  1. In the Scheduler pane, click New.

  2. In the New Event dialog, enter the relevant information for this Scheduler instance:

Select the Time radio button.

Highlight the hour: 06, minutes: 30, and AM. Use the drop-down list to select each time separately.

      • In Start Date, select one of the following:

Select the Start radio button. Use the drop-down list to select today's date.

Select Start on the radio button to choose an exact day, month, and year. Use the drop-down lists to make your selections.

      • Select Repeats:

Select Yearly. Example: You want dad’s favorite song to play at 7:30 AM. This dialog lets you schedule one-time events and recurring events.

Select Stop on, and use the drop-down list to select a month and year to stop this agent.

  1. Click the Programming view.

  2. In the Device Events pane, select the Scheduler object at the bottom of the list.

  3. In Scheduler Events, click Dad’s Birthday event. The Script pane shows Dad's Birthday event.



  1. Choose the Device Actions to initiate in the Actions pane.

  2. Drag the actions to the Script pane. These scripted actions execute when Dad's Birthday event executes.

  3. You can use the Scheduler agent in programming also to add conditionals or loops to your scripts.

Example: In the project tree (left pane), select the 3 Button Keypad.

    1. In the Actions pane, scroll down and select the Scheduler agent.

    2. Click the Conditionals tab, select Time, and Within 5 minutes before Sunset.

    3. Drag the blue question mark to the Script pane.

    4. In the project tree (right pane), select the light.

    5. Click the Commands tab, select turn the room on, and drag the green arrow on top of the blue question mark in the Script pane.


When you press the top button on the 3-Button Keypad, if it is within 5 (five) minutes before sunrise, the light comes on. The Scheduler agent lets you define one-time events and recurring events.

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